Dance is life

Dance is life

When birds fly, leaves move , insects and animals crawl jump or hunt, we appreciate their existence because movement portrays life. Water, another symbol of life also flows when in motion but when stagnant and still, it has no movement and no life…a good example is the Dead Sea.

Movement is a key component of communication in dance and is very diverse as an art form. Dancing can be enjoyed for the pleasure of moving as entertainment, celebration, communication, expression, education and exercise.

Afrobics is an authentic fun African dance workout that is energetic and is aerobically choreographed to African percussions.

The uniqueness and simplicity of this form of exercise is that we teach dances from different communities and we make it a an exciting experience . It is simple to learn and can be performed in any space and today we our focus is on Chakacha.

“Chakacha is an African  Swahili dance from the coastal region in Kenya. It is mainly performed by ladies and is characterized by drum beats , swaying of the hips and a Khanga is usually tied around the waistline to enhance and exaggerate the movement. It was originally performed at wedding ceremonies but now contemporary artists are incorporating it in their performances. It is a relaxed dance  but requires  lots of coordination around the waist and hips.


Here is an Afrobics fusion of chakacha.

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